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We, the team from The Online Poker Life, work hard to provide quality content to our readers. When they sign-up in poker rooms from the links we provide, they get exclusive bonuses and we receive a reward for this advertising. This is the Poker Affiliate Business.

If you have some internet skills, and are looking for a new opportunity to make some cash, this can be a profitable field, although it takes a lot of work to become successful. Some people do it full time, others part-time or even one hour a day.

People often start in this business by going to the poker room websites and signing-up as affiliates. Although this is ok, we suggest another way, simpler and more profitable. The PAW network is the evolution of the poker affiliate business. By login into one account, you can have access to the stats for many poker rooms, as well as exclusive deals (check the table below). If you check the poker rooms, you will see that they offer small CPA or MGR for newer affiliates, but the numbers can grow a lot for a small number of big ones.

The PAW network is a group of many affiliates that negotiate better deals with the poker rooms, and offer this to their partners. And the best of it is that they are totally FREE. How can this be? They also receive commissions, but this fee is paid by the poker rooms, and not by the partners.

Currently, there are 19 poker rooms associated with PAW, as well as 9 online casinos.

Affiliate payments are easy, since they pay all room commissions together. They can pay via bank wire, Neteller, or intra-account transfers at the following rooms: PartyPoker, PokerStars, or FullTiltPoker.

To sign-up for free and learn more about it, click here.

Check the following for a comparison between signing up to the some poker rooms directly, or through PAW:

Poker Room/Casino:
Direct Affiliate
Affiliate via PAW
Party Poker
$75 (CPA)
$125 (CPA)
Full Tilt
$75 (CPA)
$125 (CPA)
Chan Poker
25% (MGR)
35% (MGR)
Titan Poker
20% (MGR)
30% (MGR)
Sun Poker
27% (MGR)
$150 (CPA)
Sierra Star Casino
$75 (CPA)
$200 (CPA)
+ Many more

See below some of the best programs for poker affiliates:

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